Spiritual Union

Working with all faiths, interfaith or the non-affiliated, Rev. Barbara assists each couple in creating a meaningful and memorable commitment ceremony.  These range from grand to intimate, interdenominational, non-denominational, spiritual, or uniquely their own.

Her goal is to create a warm and loving atmosphere that truly honors the occasion, and to assist couples in creating ceremonies that reflect their beliefs and values.  Her warmth and calm peaceful presence help create joyous and loving celebrations.

At  this initial meeting, Rev. Barbara reviews her special Ceremony Booklet with each couple. The booklet contains a wide variety of possible ceremony content.  Using this Booklet as a starting point, Rev. Barbara works with each couple to create their personalized ceremony.

The Ceremony Booklet includes numerous suggestions for Convocations/Opening Words, Invocations/Opening Prayers, Recognition of family/loved ones, Messages to the couple, Special Readings, Vows, Ring Exchange, Unity Candle Lighting Rituals, Family Rose Rituals, etc.

Rev. Barbara is happy to meet with couples as often as they like to create their perfect ceremony.  She provides a Ceremony Program Outline and detailed outlines for musicians, soloists and readers. Her goal is to create a relaxed atmosphere for everyone.


Rev. Barbara’s warmth and calm peaceful presence help create joyous and loving celebrations.  She works with the families to create special Christening/Baptism/Naming Ceremonies, which honor the parents’ beliefs and values.  The perfection in each new child is recognized and honored.

In moving ceremonies, parents, God-parents, family and friends, all unite and commit to nurture the new soul in their presence and to support the parents.


Rev. Barbara’s warmth and calm peaceful presence creates a compassionate loving environment.  Her memorial services both honor and celebrate the life of the departed, while recognizing and supporting the grieving of family and friends.

Rev. Barbara Winter Martin